Standard Plan

Standard Plan

We’ve created the Standard plan to give you the opportunity of giving your employees the gift of health and well-being for only £6.90 per employee per month. 

They’ll probably save you that on coffees when they switch to water!

They will have access to our YFN app to choose and use as they wish, which includes:

  • Our complete on-demand workout library.
  • Our pre-recorded live workouts.
  • Our open LIVE sessions by our fitness coaches.
  • Our Facebook support group – great for keeping employees focussed.
  • Our monthly fit test monitor to track improvements*.
  • Cast the workouts to a laptop, TV or big screen for a realistic training experience. 

*We want your employees to be active and encourage them to test their fitness levels – in competition with every other business taking part. Competition creates competition and yields better results! 

Please note: if you would prefer to receive an invoice for this subscription rather than paying online, you can request it by getting in contact with us here.

YFN Bonus – as part of this programme, your employees will be able to access our very own qualified nutritionist to help with personalised meal plans and ongoing 1-2-1 health coaching – at a fabulously discounted rate.

To help keep up the momentum, we have a competition for ‘Performer of the month’ award which is given to the winning employee, along with a specially selected prize.

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