Our Health Checkpoints empower you to deliver and monitor your company’s Health and Well-being Programmes.

They are a suitable addition to any offices, pharmacies, community centres and health care settings.

YFN-HCB Health Checkpoint

Multifunctional integrated measurements One-step measurement (height, weight, blood pressure, blood oxygen, and body temperature) Wall-tube Blood Pressure Monitor Wall-tube Blood Pressure Monitor makes measurements more convenient and efficient. Measurement of human body composition with four electrodes Four integrated electrodes measure body composition accurately.…

YFN-HC-AD Health Checkpoint

Multifunctional integrated measurements Basic indicators (6) offer 15 second results. One-step measurement (height, weight, blood pressure, and body temperature) Large dual screen advertising Two large advertising screens Streamlined, dolphin-shape Beautiful, ergonomic shape Two safety designs Wide scale pan, stable and secure.…

YFN-HC Plus Health Checkpoint

Eye test/Visual examination Distance guided by infrared automatic spacing. Smart guidance, remote control selection, waveless measurements. Automatic hight-adjusting Blood Pressure Monitor Keeps sensor at heart level. Touch-free thermometer Fast and accurate touch-free infrared wrist thermometer. Real-time measurements, synchronous transmission LAN port,…