Look After Your Number One Asset
And They’ll Look After You!

Your people are the linchpin to running a successful business. If they’re not in the right mindset, then it means their work isn’t either. Your business will not succeed. It’s that simple.

We know from well-documented research that physical health and mental health are very closely related and could go hand in hand. We also know that having wellness in the workplace comes with the benefit of reduced sick days, which currently costs the UK economy £100bn a year. Mental health absenteeism is costing £8.4bn a year. Eye-watering, isn’t it?!

Do your part, be a forward-thinking business and let YFN work with you and your employees and help provide an all-important well-being programme for them. Fact –  companies that have a corporate wellness programme in place for their employees report that those employees who take part out-perform those who don’t.

They’ll thank you for it. They’ll be fitter, happier, more content, more productive and ultimately more loyal. What’s not to like?