For Individuals

YFN Individual Plans

Get started with a tailored approach to your physical well-being with our health and well-being and weight-loss programmes. Whether you’re a gym bunny or the thought of exercise brings you out in a cold sweat, we can work with you to make sure you start on track, stay on track and remain focussed.

Let’s do this. YFN. Do.More.Be.More.

The experience you will get with us is nothing like any fat shaming ‘club-type’ of membership you probably have been to before or any fast-result-promising-fad diet where you will put the weight straight back on as soon as you stop starving yourself… we teach you how to live a healthy life.

Are you looking to lose weight? Bulk up? Get stronger? Become a better runner? Lose the “covid pounds” you put on in lockdown? Whatever your goals are we make this suit you, in-line with your goals, your circumstances, your lifestyle and most importantly we make it sustainable.

With our plans you will get:

  • Personalised Target Calorie Intake Calculation every month.

  • Bi-weekly 1-2-1 check-ins with your nutritionist and coach via phone or video call.

  • Constant ongoing support – we are here to assist if you are ever in doubt, or when things get though…

3 Month Plan
£58Per Month
  • Are you not sure if you are REALLY ready to commit? Are you just looking to test the waters? That is absolutely fine, we are here for you.
6 Month Plan
£49Per Month
  • Now if you mean BUSINESS, this is the plan for you. This is our most popular Plan. Are you ready to learn to set your goals and smash them in the next 6 months with the help of your very own coach? Well, then, let's do this!

We’re in a new world now; we’ve suffered a pandemic, in fact, it’s probably going to be around for a while longer and we have to learn with it. And with that comes lots of physical and mental health issues. Mental health can be helped by exercising; in fact, it’s a proven method of getting the endorphins going and making you feel less ‘meh’.

At YFN we can help you get out of the rut whether you want to lose weight, simply get fitter or be in the running for the next Tough Mudder!

Don’t stress about who’s doing better than you. Just focus on being a better ‘you’ than the ‘you’ you were last year. And that’s where Your Fitness Network can help.

Get the personal coaching experience without paying for a personal coach! 

Choose one of our personalised fitness plans and enable yourself to achieve your goals. Plus, stay free of chronic diseases, live longer, keep the stress under control, increase your self-esteem and even help keep your life insurance premiums lower.