Let Your Fitness Network help with our unique fitness solutions, tailored to you and your employees.

How YFN Works

Through our app we run LIVE and ON-DEMAND interactive workouts specifically designed for home- and hybrid working teams. The workouts are suitable for all ages and abilities and are set to motivate your workforce with real-time leaderboards, smart watch integrations and many more industry leading features.

Your people are the linchpin to running a successful business. If they’re not in the right mindset, then it means their work isn’t either. Your business will not succeed. It’s that simple.

We know from well-documented research that physical health and mental health are very closely related and could go hand in hand. We also know that having wellness in the workplace comes with the benefit of reduced sick days, which currently costs the UK economy £100bn a year. Mental health absenteeism is costing £8.4bn a year. Eye-watering, isn’t it?!

Look After Your Number One Asset
And They’ll Look After You!

Do your part, be a forward-thinking business and let YFN work with you and your employees and help provide an all-important well-being programme for them. Fact – companies that have a corporate wellness programme in place for their employees outperform those that don’t by 10%.

They’ll thank you for it. They’ll be fitter, happier, more content, more productive and ultimately more loyal. What’s not to like?

YFN Frequently Asked Questions

Below are just some of our most frequently asked questions (FAQs) by our clients. If you’ve still got questions, feel free to get in touch with YFN by clicking here.

A cost effective, convenient and fun way towards your business’ goals.

At YFN, we practice what we preach and after years of honing our skills and undertaking lots of research and relevant qualifications, we would like to invite you to utilise our fantastic suite of health and fitness tools.

They will underpin your team’s health and fitness regime, which in turn, as a bonus, will help benefit their mental health. We all know that exercise is a powerful instrument proven to help with our self-esteem, stress and anxiety, productivity and much much more.

If you are a business with employees who you want to give the gift of an employee fitness and well-being programme in the workplace, then we’re here, ready and waiting to set the ball rolling.

If these words resonate, then read on. We can help. Just think employee health and wellness programmes, corporate fitness and nutrition, fewer sick days,  employee loyalty, staff churn reduction, improvement of well-being and productivity. All key in the journey towards a better, healthier business.

With our app, online classes and your very own coaches to hand, there are many ways in which to keep fit. Literally, no reason to say no. You can be in the park, you can be at home, you can be in the office. We are with you all the way.

Check out our business offerings, see what works for you and as a business. Click here to book our specially formulated 2 hour Well-being Workshop for a taster session of how we can help. That will probably make your mind up for you!

Our mantra, will become yours. YFN. Do.More.Be.More.

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